Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to study in presence of facebook account

Facebook is home that brings the people from different areas together and makes the world a global village. It’s the facebook through which we feel about others and let others feel about yourself. Honestly speaking, I have more than 330 friends at facebook and I love them. I love talking to them and I feel like I can talk to them all the time but no. Everything should have some limit. We the students get out of control when we get a facility. It makes us crazy and like we don’t deserve it. Most of us return to homes or hostels and open the facebook. The notifications can’t be resisted. And the worst case is stalkers. They don’t even enjoy friends. They just waste time on facebook. And if we don’t open facebook, we sleep. So the night comes and we instead of giving the time to studies we watch the movie or something.

We are up all the night. The morning is lecture, the class at 9. We arrive late, miss the attendance and think that we are cool. We are sleeping during the lectures. When End Semester Exam is close we start realizing the loss. So cool is proved to be fool by the end of semester. So I see the problem in our selves instead of facebook. So who to blame? Obviously ourselves.
There are people who think that deactivating account might help them out. But it’s called extremism in other words. Try to control it, instead of deactivating it. Let’s design the new schedule that may help us out and get the time to study.
Before we do all the stuff below, please turn of your mobile notifications, because notifications drive you crazy. Let’s get started now:-

  1. As we return home, we should take a rest and then do all the assignment stuff or prepare for quiz or an exam.
  2. If we open facebook before we study, let’s not update the status. Secondly don’t comment on any post. If we comment on any post, don’t pass the comment so called “point”. Otherwise you will end up with a long conversation.
  3. Now as you check notifications close the facebook and get quickly to the studies and open the books without thinking. During study when you get exhausted, try not to open facebook but have some juice or eat something or walk around room till you are ready again.
  4. Complete the entire task. Don’t leave anything, no assignment etc. And best way to score is to do

    assignment yourself.
  5. Good news, you have completed the task, now you will feel bossy. You are free for the entertainment now.
  6. Try to sleep earlier then you use to do. It will make your mind strong and more capable of picking up things. Best of luck as you follow the schedule. 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Overcome Negative Thoughts

Negative thought replacement is a method for reducing the amount of depressive thoughts in a person’s mind. In the first article of this series, you learned about becoming more aware of your negative thought patterns. In the next article, you learned about letting go of these negative thoughts as they came to you. Now, you’ll learn about the final step — replacing negative thoughts with more realistic and positive thoughts.

One word of caution – if you are having thoughts about suicide or hurting someone else, tell someone and get professional help immediately. This is a medical emergency – call 911 or your local hospital for help. Thought replacement may not be enough to keep you and others safe from harm in this kind of situation.

Introducing New Positive Thoughts
As you acknowledge and release the negative thoughts about your finances, you can start

introducing new thoughts in your mind. First, consider some of the positive changes or actions you and your spouse have taken because of the job loss. Maybe you have gotten creative with your budget, put out lots of resumes, or changed some purchasing habits.

When you release a negative thought about your bills, say something new to yourself like, “I’m feeling more in control because we have cut down some of our bills,” or, “We are finding ways to use our money more wisely and it is helping.” Use the positive information you have learned from this difficult situation to stay encouraged.

Keep Practicing Positive Thought Replacement
You may not quite believe yourself at first since you may be used to your negative thoughts driving everything. If your thoughts are reasonable and encouraging, continue saying them to yourself. Instead of predicting disaster, your newer, more positive thoughts will now pave the way for solutions you may have never considered before. Your problem has become an opportunity.

Images and sounds can also be very influential for some people’s minds. If you know you respond to these, you may conjure up a particular image with your positive thoughts to give them weight — perhaps a color that is calming to you,

or an objectr that represents contol or strength to you.

Words spoken aloud also can have a profound effect on the mind. A recent study highlighted in Psychology Today describes how speaking aloud helps create two forms of memory. You remember the words both from reading them and from hearing them aloud.

Change the Direction Of Your Mind with Positive Thoughts
Let’s take one last look at our example of financial worries. You identified the chief concern underneath the negative thoughts about your money, which was a lack of control. When you do something that makes you feel more in control, you take the fuel out of your negative thoughts.

You feel less threatened by the negative statements you hear in your mind because your emotions are calmed by your actions. “We’re never going to make it out of this money mess” has less power when you get job interviews from putting out resumes. And now, you are starting to put better more encouraging thoughts into your mind. These are starting to come more easily each day.

Negative thoughts may still come at you, but maybe not so frequently or with as much punch. They become easier to replace because your feelings are being driven by more positive thoughts. Just as negative thoughts can build and feed on themselves, positive ones can do the same. This takes work and patience, but letting go and replacing the thoughts as they come can tame the raging river of negativity.

Thought Replacement: Just One Tool for Managing Depression
Thought replacement may be just one of many ways you can manage your depression. Also, this method is useful when you have been in remission and you feel yourself sliding into some negativity again. Your awareness of your thoughts can give you a clue about possible relapse into significant depression, maybe even help you get ahead of it.

Every human being has times when they are in a negative slump for a while. The goal with this awareness and replacement process isn’t to completely prevent negative thoughts from ever entering your mind. That just isn’t realistic. The idea is to improve your ability to reduce manage the negativity in your mind. This can keep your brain from getting bogged down every time you are distressed by something.

Develop A Good Habit: Managing Your Negative Thoughts
As you get familiar with this process, you may find that it gets easier over time. There is no magic wand to take away stress and problems in life. But you hold the key to your quality of life, and negativity doesn’t have to be in charge.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Germany Turns On World's Biggest Solar Power Project

Bavaria, Germany In perhaps the most noteworthy display of the effectiveness of Germany's feed-in solar energy rebates, a partnership led by California-based PowerLight has finished construction of the world's largest solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant: a 10 MW facility in Bavaria, Germany.
     Now fully operational, the 10 MW Bavaria Solarpark uses solar trackers to maximize the facility's energy production. The project uses 57,600 PV panels, and consists of three systems: Solarpark Muehlhausen 6.3 MW, Solarpark Guenching 1.9 MW, and Solarpark Minihof 1.9 MW.
In addition to Powerlight, the project partners are K&S Consulting Group, and Deutsche Structured Finance (DSF) along with help from Siemens AG, Max Bogl Group and the Klebl Group.
Together with Siemens AG, interconnection to the electrical grid was secured at each site by the regional German utility E.ON, with a 20-year power purchase guaranteed under the German Renewable Energy Law (EEG).
Solar electricity is a highly reliable source of power," said DSF Managing Director Paul Steinhardt. " Bavaria's commitment to providing clean air for the community, protecting the environment, and securing our energy future has been a decisive factor for the development of this historic project.

The project has created hundreds of high quality jobs and its sustainable design and construction preserves the natural beauty and environmental quality of the region.

Over the next 30 years, the Bavaria Solarpark will generate hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours of emissions-free energy," said Tom Dinwoodie, CEO of PowerLight Corporation. "PowerLight looks forward to developing more partnerships across Europe to meet the increasing demand for solar power.

Powerlight has been known for designing and constructing large projects -- primarily in California where state incentives have helped propel the solar industry. The incentives in California are based on the installed kW size of a project, while Germany's method delivers a certain rebate price per watt delivered by a particular project to the local electric grid.

Germany's incentives are considerably better than California's, and have been cited for pulling worldwide supply of solar PV to its borders while leaving shortages in other areas. This legislation, newly expanded to include ground-mounted systems such as the Bavaria Solarpark, is expected to drive further growth of the German PV market.

"The world's largest photovoltaic project further validates Germany's renewable energy policy," said Howard Wenger, PowerLight's Executive Vice President

Monday, 24 October 2011

Do Our Thoughts Have Mass???

Every person in the world, no matter what his mental condition is, whether he’s well-educated or strictly
illiterate, is unceasingly thinking about something.
thinking higher
The thoughts jumbled up in one’s mind continue to flash across in a particular order, usually according to what seems more important at the time being.

But has anyone of us ever thought that what we are thinking is something more than just a train of some pent up emotions crossing our mind, that they might have some physical existence? The idea seems crude, na├»ve and, indeed, laughable and many will think that I am just another nutter who’s just blabbing about something that not only seems impossible but raises questions about my sanity, too. But that doesn’t change the fact that similar questions have been raised innumerable times in history, and although quite some people with great minds and intellect have tried to answer them according to their own beliefs, but none of the explanations was satisfactory or good enough to be accepted worldwide. Many have tried to prove it theoretically as well as practically, but every time they did, the world wasn’t ready as yet to accept the truth or to discern the
real meaning of what was being told to them. As a result, the concept got lost in the history, no doubt like many other concepts that were outside the boundary of understanding of a common man.

Yet now I raise this question again, and will also try to present to you the thoughts of many more knowledgeable, more learned and those of much higher intellect than me. However, I won’t compel you to come to a particular conclusion just because I think what is actually correct. But instead I’ll just urge you to think and ponder for yourselves and reach to your own conclusions based on pure logic. I’ll invite you to develop your own opinion as to what you think is the truth and I’ll repeat once again that whatever opinion you hold, no one whatsoever will criticize you because there is just very little proof of what actually is the truth. So use your own uncanny skill to deduce what is correct from the various facts I lay before you.

Noetic Sciences is the new, fascinating area, dedicated to answering basic questions regarding thoughts – do they have mass? Weight? Are they material? It takes on the task of investigating how, on a quantum level, we are influenced and influence the world around us. Anybody who has read Dan Brown’s latest book

The Lost Symbol” can see for themselves how this fascinating field is being introduced in bestseller books and movies.

Here’s how they do it: Our thinking processes are made up of electrical impulses. This activity is then measured using ultrasensitive devices that may measure minute

changes in mass. Many people think that they have proved thoughts have mass in accordance with the laws of Physics!

Its believed that when a large crowd or a group are thinking the same thing over a particular matter, the outcome of the matter is heavily affected by the collective thoughts, because although a single thought isn’t strong enough to affect anything, but when combined with thousands of same thoughts, the mass they form is substantial enough to affect the outcome of that matter. It is this same theory that says thoughts (which have mass or weight) can therefore have a real impact on the world.

One of the big examples of this phenomenon is the home ground advantage at sports games. It may be attributed to the “at-home” feeling – or can it be all the support in the crowd,

willing a certain result, creating millions of the same thoughts, which add up to a lot of mass and influence the outcome in a very real way?

Very often in history we have seen revolutions in different countries resulting in the complete change of path on which the country was travelling and it has been observed that the indications of a revolution are seen even before there’s actual mass movement to overthrow the then present government. The indications can be seen much earlier, when the majority of a country’s population decide that they are no longer satisfied with the way the things are being run and hence, come to a conclusion that they are in dire need to change the way they are leading their lives. It is then that their thoughts, when combined, form a mass resolute enough to start affecting the outcomes, and thus resulting in the chain of events that follow it till the phase is complete.

Some in history have gone so far to claim that there’s no such thing as sheer luck, that in fact when a person wants something pretty badly,

his thoughts gain enough mass to then mould the events in his own favor, which he then perceives as his luck coming into play. Many of you would have felt that when a very big group of people is expecting some certain outcome; let’s say of some very important football match, the fear or excitement you feel is tangible. Those who believe in thoughts having mass say that the use of the word tangible is not metaphoric, but in fact is quite literal because the excitement of such a big mass is actual in the real sense and such strong emotions invoked in people actually do carry a significant mass that many can truly feel.

There were many in the history and no doubt will come in future to be intrigued by such notions and thus set out to find what they call is the “actual truth”; however, I for

one do not want to twist things anymore for you guys. I have tried my best to lay before you all there is to this topic so that you can make up your own minds and maybe someday one of you will be able to make an instrument that’ll be able to measure thoughts in mass and maybe then this matter will be put to rest once and for all. In the meantime, if any of you do believe that thoughts have mass then think twice before you think, because every time you think, you are unknowingly adding more weight to this already very heavy earth.

- By Usman Khan, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Monday, 19 September 2011

5 Easy Ways to Better Your Appearance

There are many things we can do to improve our appearance over the long term, such as exercising regularly,

that have profound impacts on the way we look but there are also small things that we can do to instantly improve the perception of our appearance. Your appearance greatly impacts how people rate you on factors from how influential you are to how attractive you look. Here are five easy ways to help you elevate your appearance:

1. Clean your shoes and keep them that way
Some people say that a man is defined by his shoes. Although this is a bit of an exaggeration, many women do pay special attention to the shoes on a man’s feet. A great appearance runs from head to toe but it’s not just about wearing nice shoes; it’s also about

keeping them clean and cared for. Invest in shoe care because clean shoes really do build a look. Here is a quick summary of basic shoe care:

Leather: Clean, condition, polish and protect. Avoid using alcohol based sprays as these will dry out the leather and cause it to crack. Using lotions will moisturize the leather and prolong its wear life.

Suede: Before the shoes are worn, spray them with a protective spray or finish to prevent stains and water damage. If this reaches you too late, then test a small area to clean first before tackling a larger stain. Use products only formulated for suede specifically. A suede cleaning block can be used to remove deeply nestled dirt. The nap of the suede can be revived using a suede brush, often made from brass. The block and brush are usually sold together as a duo.

2. Choose clothes that fit your body
Your clothes should fit comfortably and snug; giving others a reason to take a second look. Unfortunately, far too many men wear clothes that don’t fit them properly. Paying a little extra attention to what you wear and how it fits can instantly boost your

appearance. Opting for a form fitting shirt can have you looking leaner and taller. Wearing pants that comfortably fit snug enhance and elongate the appearance of your legs. You can tell if a top fits correctly by checking where the shoulder seam sits on your shoulder. The seam should sit on the area just before your arm starts; if the seam sits down the arm, the shirt is too large for you. On the other hand, if the seam sits too far up, then that shirt is too small for you.

3. Wear sunscreen
Sun exposure is the number one cause of visible aging, skin damage such as wrinkles, blotchiness, age spots and skin cancer. Although wearing sunscreen won’t instantly improve your appearance, applying sunscreen everyday will keep your

skin looking youthful, healthy and clean. Healthy looking skin is an attractive quality. When shopping for sunscreen, look for the words 'broad spectrum' on the labeling. This means that the product will provide protection from both UVA/UVB rays. The higher the SPF number, the more protection you will receive. Layering different products with different SPF’s will not increase the overall effectiveness of the products. For those of you who love to tan, tans are actually a visible indication of skin damage whereby skin produces more melanin to protect itself from further damage. Consider getting a fake tanner instead.

4. Pay attention to your nonverbal communication

Your appearance is also greatly influenced by how you act and communicate. In recent years, there has been a great amount of research focusing on nonverbal communication. A person’s body language

can give away a great deal about their personality and current mood but it can also influence perceptions of you and how you look. Men who act and communicate confidently are actually judged to be much better looking than similar looking men who act and communicate poorly. Even though improving your nonverbal communication can instantly improve your appearance to strangers, the challenge comes in maintaining a conscious awareness of the message you are portraying to those around you. Next time you’re at a party, instead of crossing your legs and arms try loosening up with a more open posture. Crossing of the arms and legs gives out a defensive and unwelcoming vibe that will keep people at bay. And never slouch; it looks messy and gives off a vibe of low self-confidence. Stand up straight and look people in the eyes when you talk to them.

5. Maintain the mane
Our hair and the way we wear it significantly influences how we look. The right hairstyle can really elevate your appearance and the wrong hairstyle can really downgrade it. There are seemingly endless possible hair styles to choose from but only a few that will properly fit your face and personality. Make sure to pick one that does both; seek out professional

consultation if you are unsure which ones work for you. Once you have the right style, it becomes extremely important that you properly maintain it. Take care of your hair by properly shampooing and conditioning it, you should also try to comb it at least once a week to stimulate blood flow to help combat a flaky scalp. Schedule regular visits to your local barber or stylist; depending on how fast your hair grows, that may be every three to six weeks. Many stylists also perform free cleanups of your neckline and sides between haircuts -- it takes less than 10 minutes and can really help prolong your look. Lightly style with product but be sure not to go overboard or you may come off as looking greasy.

Through our busy schedules and hectic lives, we sometimes forget to take care of our appearance. The key is to incorporate the little things and details into our daily rituals so we keep looking our best.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Managers have bigger brains

Managing other people at work triggers structural changes in the brain, protecting its memory and learning centre well into old age

UNSW researchers have, for the first time, identified a clear 
link between managerial experience throughout a person’s working life and the integrity and larger size of an individual’s hippocampus – the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory – at the age of 80.

findings refine our understanding of how staying mentally active promotes brain health, potentially warding off neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The study was presented at the Brain Sciences UNSW symposium Brain Plasticity –
                                                                                                                         The Adaptable Brain today.

The Symposium focuses on research into “brain plasticity” that is revealing the brain’s ability to repair, rewire and regenerate itself, overturning scientific dogma that the brain is “hard-wired”.

“We found a clear relationship between the number of employees a person may have supervised or been responsible for and the size of the hippocampus,” says Dr Michael Valenzuela, Leader of Regenerative Neuroscience in UNSW’s School of Psychiatry.

“This could be linked to the unique mental demands of managing people, which requires continuous problem solving, short term memory and a lot of emotional intelligence, such as the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. Over time this could translate into the structural brain changes we observed.”

The research comprises the doctoral work of Mr Chao Suo, supervised by Dr Valenzuela in collaboration with Scientia Professor Perminder Sachdev’s Memory and Ageing Study based in Sydney.

Using MRI imagery in a cohort of 75-92 year-olds, researchers found larger hippocampal volumes in those with managerial experience compared to those without, even after accounting for any of a number of possible alternative explanations. While many male participants followed traditional management career paths, the effect was also seen in women who had taken on managerial roles in nursing or teaching, for example.

The Brain Sciences Symposium at UNSW also features keynote speaker, Dr Henriette van Praag, from the US National

Institute on Aging, who will present research on the link between exercise and the production and viability of new brain cells.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Coming to Arizona in 2011 - Green Design Will Save the World

The lucky sunny state of Arizona is about to become home to the world’s largest Solar Plant!

The Arizona solar power plant has been named Solana, which means “a sunny place” in Spanish, and will be located 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, near Gila Bend, and cover 1,900 acres. The capacity of the power plant has been projected at 280 megawatts — a capacity which could power 70,000 homes and create 1,500 jobs. The electricity generated by the plant will be sold to APS to the tune of around $4 billion for over next 30 years.


Solana will make use of Abengoa Solar‘s Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology, which is based on solar radiation concentration to generate steam or hot air, which is used by an electric plant to run steam turbines.
The CSP technology uses three different approaches to concentrate solar rays: tower technologyparabolic trough technology, and dish Stirling technology. The Solana power plant would primarily employ parabolic trough technology.

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Abengoa Solar is presently operating the world’s first commercial CSP solar tower plant in Spain – which we wrote about last year. This new enormoust solar power plant could be a huge boon for renewable energy, the environment, and the local economy with all the new jobs it will create.

But there’s one catch- this week the house will be voting on the renewal of a clean energy bill which would shift about $18 billion in tax breaks from oil companies to renewable energy. Essentially, Abengoa’s ambitious solar plan hinges on the passing of this bill. The current clean energy tax credit will expire at the end of 2008, which would effectively make Solana impossible if it did. So while Solana would be a huge step in the right direction for our society, the fate of its realization lies in the hands of policy makers this week.


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